Smiling at Strangers

{February 28, 2010}   CANADA! Versus! USA!

You know, I find it unfair that the U.S.A. gets their name in all capitals, so I’ve evened it out here. Uh… and now I don’t know what to write. Or how to write it. I’m looking at a different screen than my computer screen right now, you see.

I started out half an hour ago writing my next post on the episodes of Tiara-less Tab, but then the hockey game started and now I can’t exactly concentrate on anything else.

Ah…AH! LUUUuuuuu. And he blocks it!


You know in the previous Team Canada hockey games, people were getting upset because they thought the crowd was booing Luongo? Then it turned out they were calling “LUUUUUU” in support.  Interesting bit of knowledge for those of you outside of Canada.

Ok, this isn’t going to work. I can’t commentate on a game like this. It needs my undivided attention. Later.


Update: America scores with 24 seconds left?!?!? What is this? What. Is. This. This is bullshiiiiiiiiizzzzzzz…. I might cry. I also feel like this is my fault on some meta-physical level…. in the last minute, I said to Jarrett “I’m not hoping this will happen, of course, but wouldn’t it be incredible if the US managed to score two goals in the last minute of the game?” He gave me a real evil glare like I’d jinxed the game, and I JUST MIGHT HAVE.

Canada. I am so sorry. But there is still a chance….!!

UPDATE: I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you. Victory was so much sweeter due to overtime. Goodbye for today. I’m gonna go …. climb mountains. Fight grizzlies.


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