Smiling at Strangers


Illinia says:

Very nice! 😀
I think one of my characters is going to steal your hair. Is that oka-
(Kyla: grabs hair and starts sneaking off)
Um. One minute. (tackles her) Not without permission!

Tabiko says:

That’s perfectly fine, haha. It’s not MY hairstyle specifically…. >.>
Also, I did not realize there are two different “New Post” options!! WHY!??

Illinia says:

Yeah, but your hair itself is pretty. Hairstyles change, yanno.
You can always copy/paste into a regular post if you really want to put it in the blog proper. Or you could have just a page for your image portfolio? 🙂

Tabiko says:

Oh, don’t worry, I intended for the picdump to be a page, not a post. Also, thank you! Your hair is also pretty. It has much nicer natural curls than mine.

Illinia says:

Haha, thanks! Sometimes it curls when I don’t want it to, though. 😛

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