Smiling at Strangers

It’s that time of year, which means… pink writing!

It also means angst, alcohol and bitter rants or chocolates, perfume and movies, depending on what kind of romantic situation you’re in. Or, if you’re like me, both. I managed to get so angry with Jarrett while we were at the mall that we walked home separately (actually, I, having the student card, bussed), tears were shed, and we broke up. He’s packed all his stuff. However, we’re still on for the Italian restaurant and movie tonight (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief… I’m excited for that), so this may all just be another of those big, toxic clouds of anger that hurts the lungs and pollutes the air but will eventually drift away.

Or maybe we’re actually totally broken up for good and I’ll be completely shattered when it hits me, and feel really stupid about this post.

Anyway, I’m determined not to sink into a state of misery and sorrow-drowning tonight, because there’s enough single people out there doing exactly that, and, being (I think) not single, I don’t really have a right to steal that away. Not tonight. Anyway, it’s a little too soon for a repeat, seeing as I did that last night. When I didn’t get into the Epica concert. I came home and drank a four-pack of Smirnoff Ice, which put me in a good enough mood to… record a video blog! I intended to post it on here for you, my perhaps-sympathetic and -existent audience, but there is a small problem getting in my way: I just got a new laptop and it doesn’t have Windows Movie Maker on it. It DOES have Roxio Creator, which I’m sure is a much better program (I’ll be the first to admit Movie Maker isn’t very good… but I was proficient with it!), and… well, I’ve actually worked out most of what I need to know by now, but I haven’t actually implemented that in the form of making the video itself. Because I am…. running late. And spaghetti awaits.

If I haven’t been too exhausted by sheer awe in the face of Poseidon’s power, I’ll do my video-splicing and editing when I get back, and have it posted by…. later.

I’m sure I don’t have a loyal enough fanbase at this point to care much if a video log whining about being underage is posted on time or not, anyway.

Happy Valentines Day!

It seems like 90% of the population HATES Valentines Day. Whatevs, dudes. *I* like it.


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