Smiling at Strangers

So, I just got back from the theatre before doing my video-completing and I’m going to say right off the bat…. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a terrible movie. Not terrible in the ways that it makes me want to gouge my eyes and soul out (like Twilight), but terrible like a huge disappointment. At least with Twilight I already knew I was going to puke in my mouth multiple times because I’d read the book. But the trailer for Percy Jackson made it look so awesome! Hydras? Colossal water columns writhing and crashing around? The fury? Yes please! Unfortunately, as soon as the movie started, it became clear that a 12 year old had been employed to write the script. The dialogue was so awfully cheesy and fake and painful… and weren’t these kids supposed to be in highschool? How did they have all that money to throw around in Vegas? And… just….

Okay, this isn’t meant to be a movie review. I just wanted to express my disappointment over the movie. Although to be fair, the monsters and water-storms were still extremely enjoyable to watch, though I wish there had been an appearance by the Chimera.

Well, I’m sure I’ve ruffled some (read: a LOT of) feathers by dissing Twilight, so in return, I give you my own video production for your critique. Save time and money….watch this instead of Percy Jackson. Yes, I was drunk at the time, and it’s all unscripted, and all I’m doing is recounting the sad tale of getting refused at a nightclub, but it’s probably just as good as Percy Jackson anyway.


{February 13, 2010}   Epica tonight!

Day two of bloggery. Exciting news already: Epica is playing at the Sugar club in Victoria tonight! I have a ticket to the Meet & Greet function before the show, and I’m so very nervous… because, you see, the Sugar is a nightclub, and I’m 18, and I have no fake ID. Now, before I go on, I would like to say…

I LOVE Epica. Epica was the first band I heard since Nightwish that showed me that the metal of my dreams really did exist. Simone’s voice is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. I’ve got such a chick-crush on her that I modeled my character in Dragon Age after her (if Simone had pointy ears and a face tattoo.)

No, it doesn't do justice, but it's the closest I could come.

So, despite the knowledge that I will almost certainly be turned away at the door, I bought my tickets and I’m showing up… even if I can’t get into the club, there’s always the chance that I’ll meet one of the members before or after the show. Also, I’m young and blonde and buxom. They might let me in underage. Or does that only happen in movies?

Also, some of my pictures bear a resemblance to Simone that makes me happy beyond measure.

Simone 😀

And me!

Hair coour altered and a bit more make-up... and voila! :O

et cetera