Smiling at Strangers

Hello, everyone! As I mentioned before, the excuse for creating this blog was to publicize myself as a contestant for the Miss Teen Canada – World competition, but this doesn’t mean that topic is going to dominate every post I put out there. Rather, my posts are more centered on just being candid and writing about what happens to be relevant in my life at the time, even if it has nothing to do with MTC-W. In my posts, I’m trying to get people to know who I am as I live from day to day.

This is frequently who I am as I live from day to day.

This page, however, IS solely about my entry in MTC-W. Namely, the platform I’m bringing to the competition. You see, Miss Teen Canada – World is not just a beauty pageant about making a girl feel good about herself and showing people how pretty she is in a gown; while it is of course meant to instill confidence and a sense of individual worth in each contestant, it also encourages the development and practice of taking action towards an issue that is important to a competitor. Each girl in the competition is thus asked to come up with a platform that they will share with the world as they go forward in the competition, whether it be an attempt to raise awareness of drug abuse, or help homeless people off the streets, or simply provide a good role model for other young women around the world. (Read more here.)

My own platform is to contribute to and participate in organizations that provide security, moral support and opportunity to kids and young adults in unstable households. This is the root from which suicidal tendencies, depression, drug abuse and so many more issues can stem, and by confronting the root, my goal is to prevent such problems from developing into something that will be much harder to cure as the individual grows up.

This has always been a very personal and significant topic to me. I grew up in the small village of Hazelton, BC, a cluster of Native reserves where abusive households, drug usage, and delinquent behavior  all feed off each other and have created an environment of severe depression, mistreatment and suicide rates that are much higher than the average rate of a town. Having experienced multiple times the horror of having someone you know commit suicide, it is this aspect of the problem that has affected me most in my life. I have addressed it in a number of ways over the years, but I make no pretenses to having been a paragon of activity in the field. It is, after all, difficult to know where to start.

This may seem like a very distant topic from that of being Miss Teen Canada – World. After all, I will admit straightaway that one of my ultimate goals in this competition is to get a boost towards my aspirations in becoming an actress, and that doesn’t seem like anything but an entirely self-centered goal. However, I have already discovered that the art of performance is a valuable tool in raising awareness towards a topic when I wrote and performed for my community a play about the impacts of both suicide and drug abuse.  Seeing the positive effects reaped by that, I continued on that wavelength the next year with a play centered around a child in a household with an abusive parent. Both pieces were received extremely well and  I had the opportunity to perform them in different parts of the province. Now, my dreams of being a performer are fueled by the knowledge that as a prominent figure in the media today, one wields incredible influence. What better place to get a message across than from a high platform, where the masses hang on to your every word? Too much of the media is filled with people who are not good role models in any way, yet who are looked up to regardless simply because of their status. I hope to someday bring important topics and messages to the stage and the screen, and the Miss Teen Canada – World pageant is simply a first step in exactly that.

So, that’s a bit of background in who I would like to be and what I would like to work towards. Read my posts as I write more to get to know me as a person. 🙂 And thank you for your support in just reading this; have a wonderful day!

Love, Tab


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