Smiling at Strangers

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time. But I have difficulties continuing things sometimes–half-finished accounts and profiles are my legacies, scattered across the web. Also,  I was held back by the indecision of what I want to say. Do I want a serious blog? A comedic one? One where I talk about every little trivial detail of my day and hope that someone is interested in what colour socks I wore?

Anyway, I’ve finally got an excuse for starting a blog: shameless self-advertisement as I compete for 2010 Miss Teen Canada-World. (Add me on facebook! Join my support group!!/group.php?gid=272965578174 )

It feels vulnerable right at the beginning, with no substance behind me here. It feels like sitting across from someone on the bus and making eye contact, and being confronted with the choices: look swiftly away, or smile. Looking away is easiest, because then you don’t run the risk of not getting a smile in return, which feels like someone spitting on the  birthday gift you bought them. Most people will smile anyway, but it’s usually the soul-less, tight, closed-lips smile of performing a duty. No emotions are invested, and you are thus guarded against the possibility of being snubbed.

This blog–offering my opinions and little windows into my life for the world to scrutinize–is like grinning at the people on the street, grinning with my eyes, cheeks, teeth, and heart. I’m just hoping that they don’t get terrified and change directions.

So… here I am.

Love me!


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