Smiling at Strangers

{February 13, 2010}   Is this a blog?!

What the heck. I supposedly have a blog, but I can’t even find a “post blog” option. “New post” sounds promising, but last time I clicked one of those, it became an “About”. Which is apparently something different. I feel like a senior trying to work an ipod.

At least I can change the font colour! That’ll keep you entertained, The Masses.

Anyway, wherever this ends up posted, it will pronounce: I have uploaded the pictures from my photoshoot! After spending literally the entire day editing them (and only by the end had I got a good feel for the editor. The early edits are quite over-saturated. Some people do that intentionally and call it artsy. I’ll go with that.


Illinia says:

Well, I’m sure you’ve figured this out now, but there’s “New Post” under Pages, which you don’t want because that makes static pages, not blog entries, and there’s also “New Post” under Posts, which is your best friend. Along with “Edit” and the spam filter.
Congrats on having a blog! Blogs are fun! I love the title, too.

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